The Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce is pleased to invite you to join the half-day conference "Bridging Cultures: Multilingual Education in a Globalized World" in collaboration with BimBi Italiani and The Multilingual Garden by Dr. Karin Martin.

Despite the growing prevalence of multilingual individuals, multilingualism often remains misunderstood and surrounded by numerous myths and misconceptions. These include beliefs that mixing languages can cause confusion, that bilinguals cannot have an accent, and that children with language disorders will face greater challenges in multilingual environments. The lack of accessible, research-based information also contributes to persistent prejudices and stereotypes, which can influence decisions made by families, educators, and policymakers. This misinformation creates barriers to effective and supportive multilingual education practices and familial guidance.

The half-day conference "Bridging Cultures: Multilingual Education in a Globalized World" addresses the need for clear, research-backed information and practical guidance on multilingual upbringing and education. It provides educators, parents, and administrators with practical knowledge, skillsets and strategies to dispel harmful myths. It equips stakeholders with the tools they need to support successful multilingual development in children. "Bridging Cultures" is a valuable platform to share experiences and enhance the skills needed to navigate the complexities of teaching in culturally diverse environments.

"Bridging Culture": Objectives and outcomes.

The "Bridging Culture: half-day conference on Multilingual Education in a Globalized World" unfolds the complexities and benefits of raising and educating children in multilingual environments to:

  • Dispel common myths surrounding multilingualism, such as the confusion caused by language mixing, the presence of accents, and the impact on children with language disorders.
  • Provide educators, parents, and administrators with practical strategies and insights on nurturing multilingual children effectively.
  • Foster a deeper understanding of the dynamic and variable nature of multilingual language acquisition.

"Bridging Culture: half-day conference on Multilingual Education in a Globalized World" is hosted by the Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce (TICC)'s "Education Hub" in collaboration with BimBi Italiani and The Multilingual Garden by Dr. Karin Martin.

The event is centered on the presentation of Dr. Karin Martin's insightful book on multilingualism to address prevalent myths and provide a clear, engaging guide on managing multilingualism in family and educational settings.

Added value for participants:

Insightful Information: Participants will gain access to new research, knowledge and information on multilingual growth and development, contradicting many entrenched stereotypes.

Practical Guidance: The event will offer practical tools and strategies to deal with multilingual upbringing and education, based on real-life examples and thorough research.

Networking Opportunities: Attendees will connect with peers, experts, and stakeholders and enhance their support networks in multilingual education contexts.

"Bridging Cultures" - Target Audience:

● Educators from international and bilingual schools in Thailand

● School administrators from educational institutions

● B2B stakeholders interested in educational solutions

● Parents and single individuals interested in multilingual education.

Event details:

Date and Time: Friday, July 19th, 14:00 - 18:00

Venue: TICC Connect at the Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce

Address: Vanit Building II, 16 Flr. Suite 1601 B, 1126/2 New Petchburi Road, Bangkok 10400, Thailand


  • TICC and BimBi Italiani Members: Free of Charge
  • Non-Members: 550 THB net

Bridging Cultures: The organizers

a. The MultilingualGarden:Established in 2014, The Multilingual Garden provides professional training and consultancy services in multilingualism and multilingual education for educators, professionals, and families. Its mission is to promote inclusive environments that respect and value all languages and cultures, guided by the expertise of Dr. Karin Martin.

Dr. Martin is touring globally with her book, "Mamma, che lingua! Multilinguismo: Istruzioni per l'uso", a vital resource for navigating the complexities of raising children in multilingual settings. After impactful visits in South America, Africa, and Europe, she continues her mission across Asia.

b. Bimbi Italianiis a cultural organization that promotes Italian culture, language and traditions amongst children and families living abroad. The organization promotes culture exchange and growth between Italy and the country hosting Italians through various learning events, workshops and cultural activities.

c. Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce (TICC)is an independent, private, non-profit organization of Italian and Thai businessmen and professionals. The Chamber host a wide network of companies and entrepreneurs from all around the world -mostly Italian and Thai businesses to enhance commercial cooperation between Italy and Thailand.

d. The Education Hubis the TICC's platform developed to provide information and showcase education partners. The aim is to facilitate access to the tools and resources needed to support a superior experience for scholars, professional's enthusiasts and students.


Please contact Ms. Angela at or call +66 02 2558695 #106.


Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce (TICC)
Vanit Place Building II, 16 Flr., Suite 1601 B, 1126/2 New Petchburi Road - 10400
Bangkok, Thailand

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