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How does long COVID induce myocarditis? (mechanisms)

Incidence of long COVID induced myocarditis (gender,age range,Asian vs European,severity level)

What are the warning signs?

How is MYOCARDITIS treated and recovery program at Bangkok Hospital?

Speaker: Dr. Chattanong Yodwut,Cardiologist,Bangkok Hospital

Dr. Chattanong began with a quick overview of what is a Long Covid, as well as the disease's basic meaning and cardiovaction. He then proceeds with a scope damage and impact of the healthcare system by illustrating impact after the covid-19 arised in the first part and provides on what happened in the healthcare system during the pre and ongoing covid. Afterwards, Dr. Chattanong mentioned the current cardiovascular perspective in order to comprehend long covid, which includes cardiogenic shock and other effects through cardiovaction. Following the implication of covid-19 vaccines, he explained that vaccines can cause cardiovascular complications. Dr. Chattanong categorized a vaccination platform into two categories, consisting of a viral vector and RNA.

Furthermore, he accounted for cardiovascular sequels of Long Covid that may happen toward people who have already hitted by Covid before. Lastly, Dr. Chattanong covered a treatment for Long Covid, he explained that in the current period, Long Covid has yet to be cured by a specific treatment. He also suggested the best thing to do is to avoid getting yourself infected of Covid-19 and then concluded with a Q & A session before the meeting ended.


Bangkok Hospital
Soi Phetchaburi 47 Yaek 10 2
Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Thailand

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